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Packaging Adhesives

Rely on TeqSupply for liquid and hot melt adhesives for packaging applications. We can provide adhesives to bond a wide range of substrates in several types of applications. Contact one of our specialists to determine the correct adhesive for your application.
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Hot Melt Sticks & Glue Guns
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Bulk Hot Melt
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Liquid Adhesives

Aerospace Adhesives

Bonding and sealing agents used on plastics, metals, and other components of the exterior and interior of an aircraft must meet strict guidelines and standards. Advancements in formulations and technology have led to the most trusted adhesives in the aerospace industry. Not only must these adhesives bond a variety of substrates, they also must remain lightweight and meet stringent fire, smoke and toxicity requirements. We offer some of the most trusted products in the aerospace adhesives world.
Structural epoxy adhesives remain durable even under pressure and ultra-low density void fillers boast excellent comprehensive strength.
A structural two-component adhesive used in bonding metals, plastics, composites, and glass, its strength and flexibility is ideal in aerospace manufacturing.
Two-component polyurethane hybrid fire retardant adhesives from Pyrok are crucial in engineering and come in a variety of colors and cure speeds.
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